Learn Python syntax

Part 1

Python Indentation

Indentation are the spaces at the beginning of a python code line.

tip: In other programming languages, spaces before code line is for readability only

Code Example:

if 6 > 3:
dd print("Six is greater than Three!")

if you skip the indentation, Python will show you an error:

Code Example:

if 6 > 3:
print("Six is greater than Three!")

tip: Use atleast 1 space, but you can use more.

tip: You should use the same number of spaces in the same code block, or Python will give you an error.

tip: A Python program is read by a parser. Originally Python was designed to be very readable language

Comments in Python

Check out our Python comments lesson.

Part 2

Python Variables

In Python variables are created when you assign a value to it:

Code Example:

x = 8
y = "Free code wiki!

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