Learn Python intro

Part 1

Python is very popular and easy to learn programming language. It was released in 1991.

Python uses:

  • software development
  • server-side, web development
  • system scripting.
  • mathematics

tip: Python has two versions, Python 3 and Python 2, use Python 3, it is more semantically correct and supports newer features.

Part 2

Why should i use Python?

  • Python syntax is simple, similar to English.
  • Python works on A wide range of platforms (Windows, Linux, mac, Raspberry , and more).
  • Python allows developers to code programs with fewer lines than other coding languages

Part 3

What can i do with Python?

  • You can connect to database systems using Python, modify files
  • Create web app on server with Python
  • Create workflows alongside software using Python
  • Handle big data and complex math using Python

tip: We will write Python in visual studio code or text editor in this guide, but you can write Python in other development enviroments, such as Pycharm, Thonny, Netbeans and Eclipse, which are helpful when you manage larger Projects of python.

Python compared to other programming languages

to complete a command, Python uses new lines While other languages use semicolons or parentheses.

Python is similar to english, it was designed for readability, and Affected by math

Python language uses indentation for blocks, instead of curly-brackets. tabs and spaces are both supported.

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