CSS Introduction

The meaning of the word CSS

CSS meaning is Cascading Style Sheets

We can style and decide on position of HTML elements using CSS

It is important to know how to use CSS, wrong use of it may ruin entire website, for example if a website has alot of pages, if the developer didn't create external CSS folder to controll multiple pages at once, he may get lost complelety.

In the next example we will demonstrate multiple stylesheets HTML page, click on the links at the left sidebar and at the body to test:

CSS is efficient

We place CSS code lines inside < style > tags, we will learn about that later, you can place the < style > in the same page you are styling, but it is best practice to create new folder for 1 master CSS file, and controll the entire website from there, we will learn how to do it later on this course.

Long time ago, before web development industry evolved, developers used to create websites without CSS, using tags, it was nightmare to maintain large websites.

CSS was first proposed by HÃ¥kon Wium Lie on October 10, 1994.

Today you literaly can't create any website without CSS, HTML alone will not achieve much without style sheets.

To start developing web pages, you need to know HTML and CSS, check out our HTML course:

Enjoy this CSS tutorial, our main goal is to create platform that teach from css basic tutorial to advanced, learn CSS free.