What I accomplished during two months of learning to code

1/17/2020 This article was written and sent to us by Olga basyuk (one of our students ) olgabasyuk@yahoo.com

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Whether you're an adult trying to upgrade your salary, or transition into the tech development industry, a student looking to gain more valuable knowledge, or a teen who just enjoy programming, and wants to understand how software and web development fields work, you don't need much to start learning programming.

Actually, all you really need is a computer and internet access to start learning web development and coding.

If you want to start learn how to code, your first steps might seem like a frightening task, I have a secret for you, I have started programming from scratch, using free platforms like freecodewiki.com , i also took 1 course at udemy for 20$ , two months after the first lesson, I sold my first site, I was very excited, not only did I think it would take me a year to learn web development to reach the level that will allow me to work from home, I also made 400$ from my first project, and it only took me 2 days.

From my experience the biggest problem that prevents people from learning programming and upgrading their working conditions and wages, is that many people are focused on a bigger goal, fail to set clear goals, which made them feel like they weren’t getting anywhere.

My advice to you, set a clear goal that can be achieved in the near future, for example start learning HTML and CSS , ONLY, once you are ready to create small websites, search for projects, there are plenty of resources, like fiverr, upwork, and even google ads, i found many small businesses, that needed simple website for their store, you really don't need more than HTML and CSS knowledge to create those.

The next step is learning server side language, this will allow you to control database, create forms, make website dynamic (control multiple pages using 1 masterpage), and much more, once you can work with HTML, CSS and Serverside language you can work from home, or find job in the tech industry, i am currently 23 years old living in russia, working from home, my monthly salary is way higher, and i work less hours.

Ofcourse frameworks such as nodeJS and React are very good, but in this article i am trying to explain how i went from zero knowledge to be able to work from home, in two months, i feel like framework is a field you don't want to touch untill you have a good basis, and some projects under your name.

Also it is very important to not give up in the first weeks, It’s completely normal to feel lost and confused while taking your first steps, everyone struggles in the beginning, coding in general is complex, but once you get used to it, and create your first projects, it will not be complex or scary, also as i said before, you should learn the basics HTML and CSS first, look for customers and create projects, that how you won't lose motivation and see results and money quick, solving customer needs also will make you x5 better than any course.

I want to thank freecodewiki.com and udemy for the help you are great guys!, I hope my personal experience has helped you and I would love to hear from you, if you need advice or have any question: olgabasyuk@yahoo.com