Learn HTML Paragraphs

Part 1

In HTML5 we use the < p > tags to define a paragraph

Code Example:

                <p>a paragraph.</p>
<p>another paragraph.</p> 
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Part 2

HTML Paragraph closing tag

In most modern browser, HTML paragraph will be display correctly even if you forget to close the tag, but it is best practice to always use closing tag

Code Example:

                <p>No closing tag 
                  <p>With closing tag</p>
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Part 3

HTML Visibility

Adding extra spaces in HTML lines will not effect the line:

(check the code editor, we added spaces inside)

Code Example:

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With all the screen sizes available in the market, Along with the various browsers, HTML may be displayed diffrenetly for each computer, But the difference is minor

Part 4

HTML Line Breaks

When we need to break a line without starting a new paragraph, the < br > element can be used

Code Example:

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Part 5

HTML < pre > Element

The < pre > Allows us to control the text in the way that we can preserve spaces and line breaks easily: (You may use that element to display code lines in HTML paragraph.)

Code Example:

       document.getElementById("test1").innerHTML = "1";
       document.getElementById("test2").innerHTML = "2.";
       document.getElementById("test3").innerHTML = "3.";
document.getElementById("test4").innerHTML = "4.";
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