Html Tutorial intro

Part 1

HTML definitions

  • HTML meaning is Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML is the conventional language for creating Web pages.
  • HTML is series of elements
  • with HTML you determine the data that the browser will display

Simple HTML structure

Code Example:

 <!DOCTYPE html>

tip: you can create this structure, by typing ! +enter
(the shortcut Will not work on certain softwares,and editors, if you use visual studio code and still can't use the shortcut, you need to install extansion for that.)

we recomended to use visual studio code, comepletly free.

you can also click 'p' + 'enter' or 'h1' + 'enter' to make quick Heading or Paragraph

What is this?

<!DOCTYPE html> defines the document to be HTML5  
<html> this element is the root element of an HTML page  
<head> this element has meta information about the document  
<title>  effect the title for the document, when you change the text in this element, you will see it in the browser tab.  
<body> this element has the visible page content and divs  
<h1> Large heading  
<p> Paragraph  

Part 2


< > </ >

marks called Tags, they usally come in pairs

example of tags

< tagname >content...< / tagname >

tip: The opening tag is called "opening tag", and the ending tag "the closing tag".

tip: In most cases, you will use opening and closing tags, unless you add style for example < p style... (we will learn about this later.)

The web browser (Chrome, Firefox... ) will read HTML document and display it. it won't display the HTML tags, but will use the tags you made to display the contact


Code Example:

                 <!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

<h1>I just display what you made with HTML.</h1>

<p>I will not display the tags, just the content inside.</p>

Browser will convert this code to:

 html guide

tip: The "guide" title is in the browser tab, you can't see it in this photo, but it is up there.

Part 3

HTML Versions:

All versions of HTML.

Version Year
HTML 1991
HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 2000
HTML5 2014

HTML is easy to learn, and it is the best language to start studying in our opinion, with FreeCodeWiki you can learn html for free, and many more coding tutorials for beginners