learn HTML Basics

Part 1

HTML structure

when you create new html file, you must first declare document type:

<!DOCTYPE html>

in the next example you can see the basic HTML structure,
it will also explain about the <body> and <html> tags that comes after the <!DOCTYPE html> tag:

Code Example:

<!DOCTYPE html >

<h1>Header </h1>
<p >
Paragraph </p>

Try yourself >>

tip: If you have not learned about the tags in the example, we will talk about them in next parts of the lesson.

Part 2

HTML Headings

Heading is defined with the:
<h number >

Code Example:

<h1>Header1 </h1>
<h2>Header2 </h2>
<h3>Header3 </h3>
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h1 is the most important header, and has the biggest font size, example:

here are example of the font size of h1 h2 and h3 tags

This is heading 1

This is heading 2

This is heading 3

Try yourself >>

Part 3

HTML Paragraphs

Paragraph is defined with the: <p> tag.

Code Example:

<p>hey i am Paragraph </p>
<p>me too. </p>
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Part 4

HTML Images

Images are defined with the: <img> tag.

img tag has attributes such as:

source file (src), alternative text (alt) , width and height.

Code Example:

<img src="/img/howtomain.jpg" alt ="freecodewiki.com" width="111" height="132"></img>
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Part 5

HTML Links

links are defined with the: <a> tag.

Code Example:

<a href="link name"> I am a link </a>
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Part 6

HTML Buttons

Buttons are defined with the: <button> tag.

Code Example:

<button >Click! </button>
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Part 7

HTML Lists

Lists are defined with the: <ul> tag, followed by <li> tag.

Code Example:

<li> Alex </li>
<li> Danni </li>
<li> Anton </li>
Try yourself >>

tip: You can also use <ol> tag to get rid of the dots before the text.

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